Friday, June 11, 2010

Bros Icing Bros - why drinking for free is hilarious ...

"My f'ing brother just Iced me. Worst cookout ever!" (photo : dpstyles)

Bros Icing Bros? When I heard from a friend that he had been 'iced' at a 10am, weekday work meeting ... by a perfect stranger, I knew this epic game of college-style pranks had gone mainstream ... and something you obviously need to know about.

It is essentially a drinking game, of sorts, that can happen anywhere, anytime. Prepare to get 'ICED'!

How to 'ice' someone:

Step 1 - Buy Smirnoff Ice

Step 2 - Choose your target. Your best friend, your friend's friend, your Dad, the mailman, your boss. Whomever really. But, pick someone who you would actually get some enjoyment out of forcing to drink an Ice.

Step 3 - Plan your delivery method and commit. It is supposed to be a surprise, so get creative here. The more creative, the better. Or, straight up spontaneous style. Whatever. Getting Iced is a bit of a freestyle burn.

Step 4 - Execute the plan. No turning back now. If you don't Ice them, they will Ice you.

What to do if you get 'Iced' :

As stated on their website, (Yes, I am serious, check here,

Reasons why I don't think you should mind getting iced :

1. Free drinking. The guy who can never find his wallet at the pub/bar suddenly has booze for you. He thinks he is burning you. But, I think you're just getting paid back for all the free drinks you have bought him.

2. Legitimizes drinking at random times and places throughout the day. The mid-week boardroom will never be the same!

3. The point of the game is that Smirnoff Ice 'tastes so bad', that's the burn of it all, but I am also willing to bet many of these Icing Bros actually use Ice as morning drinks in the case of being irresponsible the night before. ie. They actually make good hangover drinks, and so it is no big deal. It's fun really.

How to get 'Iced' :

1. Find yourself a twentysomething aged person, and consistently tell them how much you hate Smirnoff Ice, and if you ever get 'iced', you might freak out. Adults just out of college have an insatiable appetite to ice people.

2. Get on Twitter and find other people that are tweeting about their Icing escapades (ex. search #brosicingbros). Lay claim to some really great Icing tales. Someone will want to Ice you back.

3. Pay someone to ice you, and act like you hate it, and say something like, "Gee, I hope I don't get iced again". Then, your friends will be sure to burn you again and again.

The future of Icing :

I would like to see Bros Icing Bros to expand to all sexes, and all drinks. That way, our whole lives essentially turn into one gigantic, potential drinking game. Can that be so wrong?

Have you been 'iced'? Do you want to get 'iced'? Let us know.
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