Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Stubby Cake - it doesn't get any better than this

I love cake. Love it. Sometimes, I like to make a rocketship cake or something, not even for my birthday, just for fun. Did we ever post the Gingerbread Pirate ship? It was awesome. Anyways, I recently came across the following picture, and it is my new mission in life is to make this cake, The Stubby Cake!

How to make The Stubby Cake :

1. Print out the pattern above(email us for the PDF,
2. Make cake dough.
3. Pour into pan.
4. Bake cake.
5. Wait for cake to cool. Apply pattern print out to top of cooled cake. Cut around pattern.
6. Ice (like, icing sugar, not BrosIcingBros ... or maybe this the perfect time for that? Discuss ...).
7. Invite friends over.
8. Eat.

The Stubby Cake - it doesn't get any better than this! Let us know how it goes.
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