Friday, June 5, 2009


Submit Your Designs OR Score Designs

Have an idea for a Drink Toque design? Ready to blow people’s minds with your fashion sensibilities? Just want a reason to get serious with your crayons again?

a. Create

Think of a design so amazing that its’ level of radness melts your crayons.

b. Submit your Design

When your awesome design cannot get any awesomer, send it to us in .jpg or .pdf format.

c. What’s the Score?

If your design passes our initial critique, The Drink Toque community will then score and comment on your submission. These scores will help us decide which designs could become production Toques.

d. If your design goes into production?

We send you money. A percentage of sales.

Send your designs or design inquiries to :


Want to participate in the design process, but don’t have any designs of your own? Want to help choose future limited edition products? It’s easy, score and comment on posted designs.

Way to take some Participaction. Whole lotta love from The Drink Toque!


  1. i like drinks. especially cold ones. they are nice. and cold. which in turn is nice. i vote make this canadian effort an international reality - add translate like our friends at facerbook.

    ill start you off

    toque = tammy (scotland) or old skool 'bunnet'

    stu 'the poo'

  2. Good point Stu.

    See here :


Is it koozie, cozy, or little beanie? It's drink fashion. We're a lifestyle brand, for your drinks.

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