Friday, April 30, 2010

If their beer is more 'sexy', then maybe The Drink Toque should get their yarn from Saskatchewan?

They're not saying, they're just saying ...

Saskatchewan, Canada is known for its' Potash reserves, aka Potassium.

"Scientists confirm that Saskatchewan malting barley is relatively high in potassium. Bryan Harvey, professor emeritus and barley specialist at University of Saskatchewan, estimates that potassium levels in local barley would reach about 300 parts a million, more than twice the level in, say, European barley ... That extra content would certainly be reflected in the beer’s potassium levels".

And, Potassium has kind of been linked to sexual hormone production. The "chatter in bars, and among health writers, that potassium helps stimulate the production of sex hormones".

In turn, the CEO of Great Western Brewing says, “We have maybe the world’s sexiest beer!”, as the "malting barley used to make Great Western’s beers grows atop of the world’s largest potassium deposit".

It must be fun to have this level of free brand imagery. "“Saskatchewan barley is sexy,” he says, and, therefore, so is his beer. Yet he worries this knowledge could trigger insatiable demand. “Imagine how the world would be if everyone knew about it.”"

Hi there, can I buy you a potato?

This is fun.

Do you drink Great Western Beer and can you confirm this? Is this credible bar-talk or free brand imagery? Wouldn't this count for all the wheat and stuff out that way? And, if potassium is the key, then monkeys know best, as bananas have more potassium than anything, or was it potatoes?

Anyways, you get the picture, I keep imagining people approaching others in a bar with the line, 'Hi there, can I buy you a potato?'. (Hmmm, DrinkToques for potatoes!!!)

But, don't get me wrong, this all sounds like fun nonetheless! Saskatoon here I come!


1. Warning: Sexy Sask. beer may lead to Cupid’s arrows , Globe and Mail, Apr.23, 2010
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