Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SAVE - More is Better! Why? More fun, more discounts!

Choose from our prepacked 4 and 6 Packs or

BUY ANY 4 Drink Toques for $17.85 (Easy)
BUY ANY 6 Drink Toques for $24.00(Best Value)

Here's how it works:

Step 1 : Add your favourite styles to your Cart via the Catalogue

Go to's Catalogue, and choose your favourite Drink Toques. After you choose 'Add to Cart' for one, it will take you to the Cart. But, you want more than one style, so click on 'Return to Shop', and navigate back to the Catalogue to choose your next Drink Toque style.

Step 2 : Finding and Copying the necessary Discount Code

a) Once you have chosen 4 units or more, you will notice that a specific Discount Code has appeared on your Cart Page (if you are not on the Cart Page yet, but have finished shopping, click on the 'Cart' on the top right if the page). You will see something like this on your Cart page:

b) in this example case, the Discount Code is a fictitious 'Double-Trouble'. If you are finished shopping, you need to highlight the discount code (ex.'Double-Trouble') and copy it using your mouse or keyboard. Keep it copied, as this Discount will be used in the second, and final, screen of Checkout process.

Step 3 : Checkout process and Applying your Discount Code

a) Once you are finished shopping, click on the 'Checkout Now' (below and slightly to the right of the Discount Code). You will be taken to the first of two screens in the Checkout process, where you will fill in your name, and necessary contact information. Once you finished with the first screen, click on 'Continue to next step' at the bottom of the page.

b) IMPORTANT : Near the top of the second screen in the Checkout process is the 'Discounts' section, followed
by 'Have a discount code? Enter it here:', below which you will paste in the Discount Code you copied earlier. After pasting in the Discount Code, hit the 'Apply' button on the right. After doing so, you will notice the price in the top right corner reduces significantly.

Step 4 : Complete the Purchase

a) choose your preferred Shipping Method (Please note : Lettermail has worked quite efficiently for us. But, if you require your purchase quicker, please select Xpresspost.)

b) in the 'Complete my purchase' section, fill in your credit card information, and click on the 'Complete my purchase' button below.

You're done! Your Drink Toques are on their way! Cheers.
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