Monday, July 13, 2009

Pic-a-nic in the Park, making a Sunday a SUMMER SUNDAY!

Joined some friends for a Pic-a-nic in the Park on Sunday. Good friends, sandies, salads, cakes, cookies, BBQ chicken, watermelon, drinks, and Drink Toques! What Summer Sundays are all about.

Some people just kept it mellow.

Some warmed it up with Mini-Nerf Football Mega Ruckus 2009, JET vs CSI, a winner takes all, mini-nerf football battle. The opposing team played a strong, fast snapping, running game; but we didn't panic, waited them out, and stuck to our passing game. With the score tied, and 'next point wins' on the line, our side connected with one the most beautiful mini-nerf pass combos I have ever seen. Touchdown! Victory is sweet.

A good time had by all. A great way to spend a Sunday. Thanks everyone!

Sarah enjoying the view.

Josh warming up for the Mini-Nerf Football Mega Ruckus 2009.

Victory is sweet, and sweetest with a Drink Toque to keep it cool.
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