Monday, July 13, 2009

Lisa's Backyard BBQ and Horseshoe FunFest, K Town style!

Is there a better way to spend a special birthday Saturday than BBQing and playing horseshoes with friends? The only way this scenario could have turned out wrong was a mistake in their choice of birthday cake ... which I believe is impossible. Perfect Saturday!

Backyard BBQs and horseshoe games, where the Drink Toques roam. Moose Attack, keeping it real. Pass the chips.

He looks so intense in this one. He wants it it bad. This has Ringer written all over it! (Truthfully, I don't think he was even throwing a horseshoe. Like, where did it go, straight up? Did he just kill a bird with that shot? ... All I am saying is ... I think I could take this guy in a game of horseshoes.)
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