Friday, June 5, 2009


Does it actually work as an insulator?

Yes. In the winter, we wear toques/beanies to keep the cold out and the warm in. This is just the reverse of that concept. Keep the cold of the beverage in, and deflect the warm of the room and your hand away (or vice versa).

Can the Drink Toques be used for anything else?

Absolutely. We have routinely used them as protective iPod covers, iPhone covers, etc. Oh yeah, and it works as it’s own coaster. No need to wipe after these helpful partners in cleanliness. It can do a lot of things. What do you also use your Drink Toque for? Let us know,

Can the Drink Toques be used in the summer?

Drink Toques love camping and BBQs. It is essential drink fashion for summer outings. The DrinkToque keeps your hand heat away from your beverage, and looks good doing it.

Are the Drink Toques durable? Washable?

Yes. In fact, I still have my original Drink Toque from many years ago. Just like a normal toque/beanie, if it gets dirty, wash it. Either by hand wash, or delicate cycle in the machine. Air dry recommended. It shrinks a little, but not more than original size.

Amanda wrote: "We washed up our Drink Toques after a super busy they are looking great, clean and fresh. A quality washable, renewable, sustainable product!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Thanks Amanda!

I have other questions, what know?

We would like to hear from you. Contact us at

Also, this might help.

Matt wrote a note to his friends on Facebook. We liked it so much, we are posting it here:

"Friends, this is an important message that I'd like to share with you all this holiday season... Are you tired of the same old boring gifts available at stores today? Sick of giving your money to greedy corporations with little to no transparency when it comes to their treatment of kittens and puppies? Frustrated by dr...inks that either won't keep cool, or hot? Looking for something fun, unique, useful AND inexpensive? Well friends, look no further than

Drink Toques will keep your drinks cool while your hand(s) keep toasty warm, and they make YOU look cool too (even if you're not)! They fit nice and snug in a regulation size holiday stocking, and don't even get me started on how carbon neutral these bad boys are... If you drive a pick-up truck, buy some Drink Toques and all is forgiven... They're like carbon credit stocking stuffers! 

No, I'm not paid by the Drink Toque Corporation to share this with you, I just care about kittens and puppies, and know that The Drink Toque Corp has a track record that's second to none, when it comes to the treatment of kittens and puppies... So if you like kittens and puppies, just keep clicking "Buy Me" on the stylish Drink Toque website and get the gift that says you care, but not so much that it's creepy. But if you're one of those crazy kitten and puppy abuse deniers, then move along, there's nothing for you to see here... "
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