Friday, June 5, 2009

Customer and Fan Testimonials - We like like you too!

Lots of people write in to us with suggestions for new Toque designs, songs for our Drink Toque Radio updates via, to tell us what they think about The Drink Toque, or sometimes just to talk about kitties ...

What people are saying out there:

Amanda emailed us again with this:

My Drink Toque is functional tonight before fashionable. My beer was way too cold for my hand while laying on the couch facebooking, but then I saw on the floor infront of me a child had dropped an orange Drink Toque!!!!!! Didn't even have to get up to solve my cold hand dilemma..."

Function, Fashion, and Fun. A perfect solution. Thanks again Amanda'!!!!!!'!

Roy from (Promoting family camping and outdoor recreation with tips and tutorials that will make your next family adventure a success!):

We all know one of the best insulators around is a knit cap, so why not a knit cap for your favorite beverage? These drink coozies are super durable and do a great job of keeping your cold drinks cold and keeping your hot drinks from burning your hands.

I actually started using these in the spring of 2009 and I loved them so much I had the manufacturer, The Drink Toque, produce a CampingBlogger version for me. They not only do a great job of insulating your beverage of choice, but when they get dirty you just throw them in the wash with the rest of your camping gear and they look brand new!"

Thanks Roy! Glad you like them, they do look good!

Chelsea(@shrnkngviolet) left this as a comment on one of our Facebook postings:

"I use them to identify my drinks at BBQs, protect my iPhone while biking, as a Flip Video cozy, a coffee sleeve, and as mittens on cold camping trips (I kid you not.)"

Thanks Chelsea! For her, it is more than just a drink holder. A unique and versatile product for Summer and Winter.

Amanda wrote:

"We washed up our Drink Toques after a super busy they are looking great, clean and fresh. A quality washable, renewable, sustainable product!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Thanks Amanda! So, I guess she likes Drink Toques and her "!!!!!!!!!!!!". We like that.

Matt sent us this note that he wrote to all his Facebook friends. A bit more of a novel, but cute and funny:

"Friends, this is an important message that I'd like to share with you all this holiday season... Are you tired of the same old boring gifts available at stores today? Sick of giving your money to greedy corporations with little to no transparency when it comes to their treatment of kittens and puppies? Frustrated by dr...inks that either won't keep cool, or hot? Looking for something fun, unique, useful AND inexpensive? Well friends, look no further than

Drink Toques will keep your drinks cool while your hand(s) keep toasty warm, and they make YOU look cool too (even if you're not)! They fit nice and snug in a regulation size holiday stocking, and don't even get me started on how carbon neutral these bad boys are... If you drive a pick-up truck, buy some Drink Toques and all is forgiven... They're like carbon credit stocking stuffers! 

No, I'm not paid by the Drink Toque Corporation to share this with you, I just care about kittens and puppies, and know that The Drink Toque Corp has a track record that's second to none, when it comes to the treatment of kittens and puppies... So if you like kittens and puppies, just keep clicking "Buy Me" on the stylish Drink Toque website and get the gift that says you care, but not so much that it's creepy. But if you're one of those crazy kitten and puppy abuse deniers, then move along, there's nothing for you to see here..."

WOW, thanks Matt! So, if you care about kittens and puppies, ... you know what to do. Ha, so funny.

The Drink Toque. It's a lifestyle brand ... for your drinks. And, we would love to hear from you as well, email us at
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