Friday, January 18, 2013

... it was originally called 'Hockey Rink Style'

Oh, hello there Toques!

We were mentioned recently in a blog called : 'The Canadian Expat | Perpetuating Canadian Stereotypes Since 1979'. With a title like that, we were sold on taking a peek. In the brief post, they talked about our Rink Ratt style being inspired by "the iconic coloured stripes of the Hudson Bay Company". 

The Drink Toque - Rink Ratt
The Drink Toque, style : Rink Ratt

Well, this is sort of true, but not quite. In the design of the Rink Ratt, you will notice 3 red lines, and 2 blue lines. You know what has 3 red lines, and 2 blue lines?

In fact, it was originally called 'Hockey Rink Style'.  That was our concept with this style, and we love the way it turned out. Speaks to the nostalgia of times past, and to our love of hockey. 

Thanks for the post mention The Canadian Expat  :-) 


The Drink Toque

PS Hey, it's 'ski season', so get out there, ... and as we always like to say, 'Tips up, bottoms up!'

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