Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Like to run, and drink beer?


Have running shoes, will drink beer

Like to run, and drink beer? Me too. And, this guy is definitely taking this issue seriously ...

"Just days before turning 29, Tim Cigelske decided he wanted to do something special for his 30th year on the planet ... and the answer came quickly: run a mile and drink a beer every day. The challenge made perfect sense for Cigelske. In his spare time, he writes’s Beer Runner blog, which chronicles the intersection of lacing up the Nikes and leaning back with a brew.

More than 260 days later, he’s still going ... he might never stop ...

If I’m not in the best shape of my life, I’m definitely close. I’ve never felt better. I’ve built my way up to running about 50 miles a week with no problem ... At the same time, I’m averaging about one beer for every three miles I run. If nothing else, running allows me to enjoy the beer I love guilt-free. That was the point all along." (

For the full interview click here, and to read up on the Beer Runner Blog, click here.
I think we can all agree, this is a fun and delicious way to get in shape ...

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