Friday, January 7, 2011

Gingerbreads of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Raincity Original (GAMCRO)

It feels like weeks ago now ... and I think we all miss the Holidays already. One of our Holiday traditions is a gingerbread scene ... but not your typical house and frosting combo. Last year it is was the S.S. Diabetes; a gingerbread, pirate ship theme. Awesome, yes. This year, there was no question about it, the theme was GAMCRO, or Gingerbreads of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Raincity Original.

It turned out to be a battle scene of epic proportions.

Yes, that is gingerbread Yoda, on a bike, wielding his saber ...

... vs. gingerbread Darth Vader, on a bike, wielding his saber ...

The battle heated up fast. Not sure who killed this gingerbread Moose, but it was collateral damage ... yet still remained delicious.

And, at some point, things started to get WEIRD behind the clubhouse (Not sure what is going on here)

A lot of smarties were spilled in this epic battle ... it was delightful.

The gingerbread was delicious, and our Drink Toques were working their Holiday magic. Can't wait to see what we get up to next year ... GAMCRO!

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