Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beer Wars, when 'war' is fun.

Beer wars? Do I need my trebuchet for this? To do : find my trebuchet.
Perhaps. There has been a beer war brewing in Europe for the last little while. It involves beer, and having fun trying to create the 'world's strongest beer'. Is it 'drinkable'? Not important.

"A Dutch brewer [Almere-based brewery, 't Koelschip (The Refrigerated Ship)] with a penchant for competition has laid claim to creating the world's strongest brew: a beer that is some 60 per cent alcohol by volume."(1)

Ummmm, that's pretty serious even for hard alcohol! And, The Refrigerated Ship is a fantastic name for a brewery, so they get points for that, but ...
Who's their competition? None other than the Scottish brewery, and marketing geniuses, Brew Dog, who are selling their 55% alcohol by volume in these perfectly sized, dead squirrels:


"Dubbed "The End of History," ... Only 12 bottles were made, each housed inside a stuffed dead animal and sold starting at 500 pounds ($780) each"(1)

So, it's a beer war, and we are giving a big Drink Toque Salute to both of these heavyweight contenders. But, as in the case of many things, we feel that the tie goes to the people who put beer in a dead squirrel.


"Dutch brewer claims world's strongest beer" (

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