Friday, July 31, 2009

Wolfing Out? - Easy signs that a person is moving towards 'Wolfing Out'

What does it mean to 'Wolf Out'? My friend, Andrew, forwarded me this picture to describe the transformation one must take when engaging in a Stag Party-like, car camping expedition.

Here are some easy signs that a person is moving towards 'Wolfing Out'.
  1. Learning new freestyle, dance moves, specifically for dancing on cars. Wolves like to dance on cars!
  2. Disappearing into the woods for long periods of time. Wolves like wide open spaces to Wolf Out in!
  3. Shotgunning of beers. Wolves are thirsty!
  4. Devouring meals quickly. Wolves are hungry!
  5. Moving to more primitive communication forms.
  6. Generally acting unruly, especially while riding in cars. Uncontrollable.
  7. Participating in what was referred to as 'Tom Ball'. Any ideas as to what this is?
  8. Many beers go missing from the cooler. Where are they all going?
  9. The subject may be able to dunk a basketball whereas before they couldn't; it could just all be in their head, and they end up with an 'Unidentified Party Injury', because they weren't even anywhere near a basketball court. Mr.Wolf is still okay though, he wolfs on!

I will do more research into this phenomenon known as 'Wolfing Out', and report back to you soon. Enjoy your weekend!

Have fun,

The Drink Toque
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