Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A 'Toque', generally a knit winter hat, by any other name, would be called ... ?

A knit winter hat in Canada is generally called a 'Toque'. The Drink Toque fan, Stu 'the poo', from Scotland, reminded us that a 'Toque', while an iconic and traditional term in Canada, does not always translate perfectly in other countries. And, that got us thinking, how many different terms for a knit winter hat are there out there? What would a person in Australia call a knit winter hat/Toque? Or, a person in India? Sweden? Japan?

So, what are 'toques' called out there in other parts of the world? Comment below, email us participate@drinktoque.com, Twitter (https://twitter.com/TheDrinkToque), or find us on Facebook (Search 'The Drink Toque'), and impress everyone with your worldly knowledge of terms for 'knit winter hat'. We will continue to update this post as people write in.

In no particular order:

Stu 'the poo' has started us off. In Scotland, a Toque(knit winter hat) is referred to as a "tammy (scotland) or old skool 'bunnet'". Thanks Stu!

In the U.S., they call it a 'beanie', which Canadians also use for for some types of Toques.

What else . . . ?
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