Friday, June 5, 2009

Choosing the right Shopping Cart software

a) Stop searching endless 'Top 10 eCommerce Shopping Carts' on Blog This or Blog That websites. The options are endless, and it is seemingly impossible to get a concrete answer.
b) Check your rolodex. Who do you know that is a web developer that has experience in eCommerce solutions?
c) Call and ask them what their preferred shopping cart software is and why? If it is isn't Shopify, they are probably lying to you about one thing or another. Shopify is a tiny bit more expensive perhaps, but much more user-friendly.
d) Outline to the web developer what your website is about. Have them outline how much it would cost to make at least the basic templates for you.
e) Weigh the cost against the time it would take you to figure out how to do it all yourself. Is that amount of time worth potential lost sales?

Chances are, in reality, you will need help when it comes to an eCommerce solution. They are simply more complex than your average blog or website. You could fight the end result, or just get down to hiring a web developer from the start, to help you out in the process. No one likes spending any more money than necessary, but there are certain things that save you more money than you spend. This is one of those times. wants to take this opportunity to thank Justin @ Justintense Rich Media, for all the help in getting this website up and running smoothly, in a timely fashion.

Thanks Justin!


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